What do you think the highlight of this outfit is?
Yes, it's the shoes. This girl wore a simple gray knitted sweater with black tights, which makes the outfit nothing more than an everyday outfit. However, her shoes changes the whole look. Her wild, colorful, floral print platforms give a good balance to her very simple, monochromatic outfit.

Light on top, dark on bottom. This girl wore a leopard print dress with a sequenced jacket that matches the color of the print. The contrast of the top and the lower half of her body makes the outfit interesting. She topped all of this with a gold headband for little details to her look.

This outfit is super simple but super cute. Jerseys on girls is a super trend right now and you can easily pair a jersey just like this. Rather than wearing a long jersey with jeans or leggings, wear it with shorts to give it a more edgy look. The fact that she is wearing all black also makes this outfit more sharp and different. All black everything is in, so do it while you can!

Black and white stripes, what else is new? Stripes have been in trend for a long time now and can totally make an outfit more appealing. Stripes can make an outfit either casual or formal, so it's really up to you how you want to wear them! A form-fitted dress paired with a loose top is also a great way to wear an outfit, and the stripes just make it extra fun!

  This long-sleeved shirtdress is not something one would wear on a regular day. She wore this gold, glittery dress with a pair of black jeans to give it more of a casual look. Without the jeans, the gold shirtdress would be too formal to wear on regular day at school. Her deep red lipstick gives an accent to her black and gold outfit.

 This outfit has so many different parts to it, however the different pieces of garments go well together. He wore a pink and white striped button-up shirt and layered it with a gray v-neck sweater. The top half of his outift is formal and the bottom half is casual. Then he finishes his outfit with a pair of formal shoes.

Do you ever look in your closet.. and can't find anything you want to wear?
You can never go wrong with a black and white outfit. This girl wore this outfit and it is really interesting becuase the white is divided equally throughout her body. There is white on the top (the collar), the middle (the skirt), and the bottom (the shoes). Even though the outfit has just two colors, the different placements of white makes the eye move around. 

This outfit is definitely cute in it's own way. The fact that it is paired with a very light sweater dress and dark stockings makes it look like her own look. Who else owns a pair of stockings with bunnies on them?! These kinds of stockings have been in style for a very long time now and are also a great pair of cute accessories to own. These stockings can also be worn with shorts or a plain colored dress that needs some fun added to it!


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