The National Day of Americans, Thanksgiving Day, is celebrated on the fourth Thursday of November. The history of this celebration dates back to colonial times, when the first settlers in the late 1620's came to America from England. Fleeing religious persecution, a group of English pilgrims set off on a harrowing journey, hoping to find long-awaited freedom in the New World. During a harsh winter about half the immigrants died. The survivors asked for help from their neighbors, the Indians, who taught them how to plant corn and other crops. Having collected a bountiful harvest the following autumn, people were inspired to thank God with a feast. Once the first settlers thanked God for being able to survive the difficult winter; they expressed words of gratitude for the fact that they found a common language with the local tribes.

Many moons later in 1863, Abraham Lincoln established the celebration of Thanksgiving on the fourth Thursday of November, which was once again confirmed in 1939 by Roosevelt. Celebration of Thanksgiving respects all ancestral traditions and it is a day to give thanks.

For Americans today, this is purely a family holiday, where relatives from distant places come together to share a meal.

NY Times Thanksgiving Recipes by State

Thanksgiving feast became a national tradition not only because so many Americans had achieved prosperity, but also to give thanks for all the sacrifices made by the first settlers who came to this great country.



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