At Otis, people work really hard, stay up late and eat a lot of junk food. Because of this, I have heard my friends complaining of dry skin and breakouts. I want to introduce some face wash products that will help keep your skin at optimal health, meaning hydrated and clear!

All the face wash listed below are suitable for everyone, no matter if you have light skin, dark skin or in between.

Neutrogena Naturals: Fresh cleansing +
makeup remover: This two-in-one face wash cleans my skin really well and also saves me a lot of time when removing my make up. It’s very important to find a face wash that’s suitable for your skin. A way to know if a face wash is suitable for you or not is to pay attention to your skin after you use the product. If your skin feels really tight and dry, then the face wash that you’re using is definitely not suitable. If your skin feels really soft and moist, then the face wash that you’re using is suitable. I also love this product because it leaves my skin feeling soft after I use it. It's inexpensive, $6-9 and almost every drugstore carries it.

CeraVe Foaming Facial Cleanser: This non-greasy product is for normal to oily skin types. You can use it in the morning or at night; it removes all the dirt, oil, and makeup in one step. If you have acne, you can still try this product because it is very gentle and cleans your skin very well. A lot of my friends are using this face wash and they always recommend this product to me. This face wash is around $10 and you can find it in any drugstore.

The Body Shop Aloe Calming Facial Cleanser: This is one of the top face washes for people that have very sensitive skin or for people who breakout a lot. This product doesn’t contain any harsh ingredients or fragrance, so it is very safe to use for those who are allergic to fragrance. If you have acne or sensitive skin, you can try this amazing face wash; you will see the results in a few days. No more redness and pimples. This face wash is around $15. You can buy it from The Body Shop official website or their stores.

Laneige Multi Cleanser: I have been using this face wash for over three years. It is very gentle, it cleans my skin very well and leaves my skin feeling very soft. On the packaging, it says this multi cleanser can remove makeup, sunscreen, exfoliating and cleansing. From my experience, I think this face wash does a really good job at cleaning all the dirt inside my pores but it doesn’t take makeup or sunscreen off completely. Normally, I will use makeup remover to remove all the makeup first, and then use this face wash to clean the residue off my skin. I recommend trying this product for all skin types, but from my experience it work best with Asian skin types. This face wash is $22-28, you can order it online through their official website and you can also get it at Target.

If you like what you read today comment below and let me know. In the next article, I will introduce you to some face masks that I have used and can recommend.

- Maggie -


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