Submissions and the Winners of the Halloween Selfie Contest  

Here's a look at some of the spectacular costumes created by Otis students during Halloween Week 2014!  We received some truly scary and fabulous entries. All of them are here. Stay tuned until the end to see the goriest winner!!
 Jin Seon (Jinny) Yun-
Lichtenstein's pop art character
Charles Carroll- Wayne & Garth
Brandon Y Jeon
Wenxi Zhu

 Soo Yeun Yi- Jigsaw
  Cindy Garcia

 Melissa Leimer
Inda (Indica) Kalivoda
Inda (Indica) Kalivoda
 Alex Sprague

 Luci Lenhoff- 1st Barbie Doll

Lisa Waggner

 Thai Ramar- Cruella De Vil
Zuleika Firpo

Steven Frost- Twilight Zone Selfie as Rod Serling

 Shakina Bell Martin- Based off Roy Lichtenstein paintings

 Jackie Wong- Boxtroll

 Jamie Guan- Agnes
 Jessica Yidi

  Megan Moberly- Deer

And now for our RUNNERS-UP

3. Hillary Griffin- Red Pyramid from Silent Hill 2

2. Molly Kathryn Womack- Titan (Attack on Titan)

1. Taylor McDaniel- Slasher Victim


Valery Bubennova- Mother of Omen
We'll be emailing the Winner and Runners-Ups on their prizes!

- The folks at Ozine -


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