Episode 7: Test of Strength

This week's episode had a little bit of everything, and frankly the ending left me feeling a disappointed. It begins with Jimmy saving the twins, Dot and Bette, from Dandy's home. They are first apprehensive, but Jimmy is able to quickly convince them that they are better protected in the freak show. Dandy tries to plead with Bette, saying that their love is true and strong but she apologizes and explains that she must go wherever her sister goes. When they leave, Dandy's face is reddened with anger, because what had made him so happy, is now gone.

Oh Dandy, maybe you'll be loved when you're no longer a psycho murderer!

Back at the freak show, Dell the Strong Man is approached by Dr. Mansfield (who is now Richard) who threatens him, and then forces him to kill one of the freaks. Dell is originally offended and tries to kill him, but Richard pulls a gun out on him, and tells him that he's a great shot. This changes Dell's mind, and he seems up to the challenge.

Dell's first victim is Amazon Eve, but this proves to be a very unsuccessful attempt. The result should have been obvious given Eve's own strength and height, but even so Dell still tries. He soaks a rag in what appears to be chloroform, and enters her caravan. As soon as he puts the rag over her face, she wakes up and fights back. I mean, she really fights back, and beats the daylights out of Dell. Even when he gives up, she hits him on the head with a trophy and knocks him out. Then she drags him out of her trailer and says 
“Who's the Strong Man now?”

This didn't turn out so well for Dell

Once the twins are back in the freak show, they change their story. They no longer tell the truth they had told Jimmy, but twist it around to make Elsa seem innocent. They say that Elsa had been kind to them, and only brought them to Dandy's home because they wanted to go. Later on, knowing the twins must want something from her, Elsa asks what they desire in exchange for the kind words. Bette asks for twenty percent of the box office sales, a new blonde hairdo, and caviar every morning for breakfast. When Elsa asks what Dot wants, she asks for fifty percent of the box office sales.

We are then taken back to Dell and Jimmy at a bar. They have a nice conversation, where Jimmy basically listens to Dell's lies. Even so, Jimmy tells Dell the ladies at the freak show are angry because he attacked Amazon Eve. After having a good number of drinks, Jimmy leaves and pukes in an alley while Dell follows him with a brick. When he lifts the brick, Jimmy starts weeping and talks of how he knows that Dell is in fact his father. Jimmy forces Dell to admit it, and he does. They hug it out, and the brick is dropped.

Maybe Dell's not so bad after all
At Paul's girlfriend's house, she tells her father of their relationship. Even so, he accepts the fact, as he presents his friend Morris. Morris is a tattoo artist, and we all know what's to come. Her face has been completely tattooed with lizard skin, and her tongue has been forked. This is what her father calls a proper send off. When she goes and finds Paul, he isn't disgusted, but he blames himself for what has happened to her.

While that is happening, we find that Dot is still insistent on being separated from Bette. This is part of her unspoken deal with Elsa. Fifty percent, and surgery for their separation. Elsa discusses this with Richard, when he says that he would kill them out of pity. Elsa seems to be very interested in what he has to offer. Little do they know that the Bearded Lady has heard the entire conversation.

The most disappointing part of this episode happens last. Dell walks into Ma Petite's tent and presents her with a gift. It is a small purple dress that she tries on. After putting it on, she reaches her arms up to hug Dell. Though the hug begins as a gentle and normal one, an ominous sound begins in the background and Dell's grips tightens around Ma Petites neck. He breaks her neck, and she dies in his arms. Later on she is shown as an exhibit in the Morbidity Museum, and we can all assume who brought her there, Richard.

No don't do it Dell!

I disliked the last bit of this episode very much because the writers of American Horror Story seem to enjoy killing off my favorite characters. First it was Meep, then Twisty, and now Ma Petite. I can't even guess who will die next. However, I do have to make a comment on Michael Chiklis' portrayal of the Strong Man. He is very convincing, and all his emotions are consistent, so good job on that, but bad job on killing off Ma Petite.



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