Otis College Of Art and Design has students from all around the world, because of this we get a mix of styles from everywhere. As well as having a very culturally diverse student body, the students are all also artists so they have a very unique way of looking at clothes and fashion. The clothes a person wear helps identify who they truly are. It describes characteristics of a person such as where they came from, what they like to do, and what type of art they’re into.

This outfit is simple but her green jacket with the faux fur collar and the ankle boots makes it more interesting.

His silver tiepin and silver belt buckle makes this ordinary black outfit stand out.

This is sexy, sassy and trendy. The flirty purple mini, the designer knapsack and the painted, chunky wedgies are fun to look at.

This all black outfit really makes her hair color pop.

This oversize button up shirt with gray beanie, oversize red frame glasses and the chunky ankle boots gives her a cool, art school vibe.

Another take on the beanie. This gives it a masculine touch on an everyday style.

The cute black and white dog patterned blouse with ripped jeans and the funky 'fro makes me smile brightly, too!

This simple polka-dot mini dress gives the whole black outfit a playful edge.

Denim on denim is always a stylish choice. His denim bomber is very unique and his pants are a nice twist on average jeans.

- Meng -


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