Get Tickets Now!! It’s Time for an Amazing Fashion Adventure

As we get closer to the end of the school year, the fashion students are currently in the final stages of preparing for a huge event, the Senior Benefit Fashion Show. This is held every year to showcase the talents of graduating fashion seniors and juniors.

We were lucky enough to interview one of most important people on our campus, the Assistant Chair, Jill Higashi Zeleznik.

Na & Aida: Who is the audience for fashion show?

Jill: The Scholarship Benefit show is where people from the industry and other guests buy a table to sit at during the show. This helps to raise scholarship funds. This money is used for Otis scholarships and not only for the fashion campus.

Na & Aida: What goes on during the event?

Jill: On the day of the Benefit, they first have the day show. This is the rehearsal for the gala. It’s also when freshman are invited to declare fashion as a major. They get to see the outcome of three years at the fashion campus. Seniors and juniors bring as many invitees as they want and alumni come as well. Afterwards the real show begins and it is when people from the industry attend as well as other guests. The last part of the day is the auction, which is primarily to help the students sell their clothes. It’s an opportunity to get exposed to people in the industry and potential buyers of their clothes. It also gives them a chance to gain some of the money back that they spent on their garment.

Na & Aida: Thank you for taking the time to talk with us. Everyone Jill also has something to say that is VERY IMPORTANT FOR FOUNDATION STUDENT WHO DECLARED FASHION AS THEIR MAJOR.

Jill: Foundation students who declared fashion as their major get free ticket.

Na & Aida: DO NOT miss out on this opportunity.

This year the juniors and seniors have been honored to have mentors such as:

Ame Austin for Max Studio
Christina Kim for Dosa
Isabel & Ruben Toledo with Lane Bryant
Todd Oldham
Johnny Was
Robert Tuggle for Eddie Bauer
Under Armor
Rod Beattie for Mattel
Western Costume
David Meister

The show is on Saturday May 3rd at the Hilton Hotel in Beverly Hills. Please join us, bring your friends and family as well. You can get the tickets on the 2nd floor in the main campus at the cashier. We would love it if student from other majors would attend and support the fashion students. We barely get to interact with other majors and we would like to share this moment with other Otis students.

The seniors and juniors are working hard and long days to give the best runway show. The sophomores will be supporting them backstage as dressers, and we would appreciate everyone’s presence. It would mean a lot to the fashion students and it is a great experience for everyone!

- Na & Aida -


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