Everyone loves a good Japanese restaurant and us Otis students are lucky enough to be so close to some of the best Japanese eats in the city. It takes around ten minutes (by car) from the Otis campus to Sawtelle Boulevard. This street offers a variety of different Japanese restaurants with a reasonable price range of ten to fifteen dollars. Here are my favorites on Sawtelle!


This restaurant offered a variety of Japanese style curry. For those of you unfamiliar with Japanese curry, it is less spicy than Indian curry and less sweet than Thai curry, but just as good. It is served with a choice of breaded meat (or tofu if you are a vegetarian) and eaten with a side of white or brown rice. Customers have the option to make their curry spicy. This restaurant also offers curry udon for those looking for something unique!
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This ramen restaurant is located right across Curry House. The restaurant offers fast service and you are able to order your ramen on ipads located near the entrance of the restaurant. Even though there is usually a line waiting to get a seat, the service is fast. The ramen broth are rich and delicious. There are five different broth flavors offering individual tastes. Try the naked ramen for something truly different. Best part is that they open up until 2 am, so if you are looking for a late night snack, come taste Tatsu ramen!
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My favorite on the list goes to Furaibo, a Japanese “tapas” restaurant that offers food like chicken wings, grilled fish and hanpen cheese (grilled breaded cheese). Try the tori soboro, rice with ground chicken and egg yolk on top, along with their chita, a Japanese style grilled chicken that is crispy on the outside, juicy on the inside. The restaurant has a very relaxing and cozy atmosphere so it is the perfect place to eat and chill with friends. Furaibo has a selection of Japanese food that other restaurants do not usually offer and it is definitely something worth trying! 
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- Sharon B. -


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