Image by Sumiko Yamashita 2012

by: Jonathan Taylor

For over forty years Los Angeles has brought local as well as traveling families to its sandy beaches for the annual Festival of the Kite. This event is completely free of charge and will be held at the Redondo Pier on Sunday March 9th 5pm. As this is one of the longest-running kite festivals in Southern California, the Sunshine Kite Company and the Redondo Pier Association are working very hard to make and organize free community events throughout the year such as this one.This is a way to show your kids a great day out having fun in the sun. Not only will there be hundreds of kites flying above spectators heads, there will be contests. What better way to enjoy the day than by adding a little competition? Some of the contests are who can fly the highest kite, the best handmade kite and a new contest, the youngest kite flyer. Another project this year is launching a 25 foot wide kite that the attendees can volunteer to help soar through the air. Seeing a kite that large held down by a string is amazing to see. Even if you’re not into kite flying there is definitely room for you at the festival. Random novelty activities will also be present, such as a hot dog-on-a-stick eating contest, folk rap performances and a yo-yo competition. I don’t know about you but the miscellaneous activities alone make me want to go this year. Live bands, fresh food, a sandy beach, kite flying, and even nice bars for the adults to enjoy a treat all lead to a wonderful fun-filled day.

Redondo Pier

Sunday, March 9th
100 Fisherman’s Wharf Redondo Beach 90277
12pm to 5pm

- Jon Taylor -


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