1. Dear Ozine Community Members,

    Mr. Barack Obama is the 44th President of the United States. He is the Leader of the Free world. He is a family man. The President and his wife have two children. Their children have thoughts and feelings. If others, both at home and abroad, are to respect our President we must honor and respect him, first. As an African-American male he is a mentor, a guide, and one of my heroes. He reminds “people of color” daily that “With self-confidence, pick and shovel work, determination, and divine enablement we can all have our dreams.” His success reminds us that, “We must never allow anyone to tell us that we cannot have our dream.” Let’s all lift him up. We must be both vigilant and disciplined if we are going to successfully accomplish those parts of the “Strategic Pathways” vision referring to:
    -“Strengthen and evidence student learning and success”
    -“Expand enrollment demographics,”
    -“Enhance Marketing Impact”
    -“Diversify revenue stream”
    -“Achieve campaign and increase fundraising”

    I honor and support the American ideal of free speech. I am comfortable in the presence of the diverse range of artistic expressions available to us. However, I am greatly offended by this piece.

    Fred L. Barnes

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