La Luz de Jesus Gallery
4633 Hollywood Blvd, Los Angeles CA 90027 (~30minutes away from Otis)

Heavenly Bodies
Opening this Friday, November 1st, is Dr. Paul Koudounais "Heavenly Bodies" at the renown La Luz de Jesus Gallery in Hollywood. Running until the first of December,  this body of work explores the holy relics that for three centuries adorned the number of Catholic churches in Europe. These relics consisting of the bones of what was once believed to be martyrs are heavily ornate with richly decorated costumes and encrusted in gold and precious jewels. This later became a source of embarrassment for the Church as the relics' authenticity was questioned. Dr. Koudounaris brings to the public eye the elegant and elaborate skeletons that were once used to remind the faithful of the possible rewards in death in a series of photographs. The exhibition includes mages of over 70 jeweled skeletons, some which for the very first time are being shown in public. Accompanying the Opening Reception is a book signing by the artist that will also take place between 8-11pm.
Come Home
Also opening the same day on Friday, November 1st is Christine Wu's "Come Home" which will run until the 1st of December as well. Describing herself as a "habitual trouble maker and professional rule breaker," her work delves into the surreal with multiple layers and sexual undertones. Wu describes her work as "capturing the vulnerability of self discovery and the lingering ghosts of memories best left to past," which result in haunting, multi-figured paintings that hold a dream-like quality, entrapping the viewer. 


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